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Let me tell you the truth about Iran!

The truth, and nothing else, about the Islamic Republic of Iran

Michael Abraham Levy, President of Jews’ Free School, a friend of Tony Blair and the former chief fundraiser for the UK Labour Party once said, “You can bend it and twist it. You can misuse and abuse it. But even God cannot change the truth.” In the modern world, truth has different interpretations, and it often becomes difficult to comprehend which version is worth believing in. Iran stands as one of the most contemporary cases of this phenomenon.

On February 16, 2010, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused Iran of sponsoring terrorism, when she said at a forum at Jeddah’s Dar Al-Hekma women’s college, “Iran has funded terrorists that have launched attacks within other countries – including the Kingdom.” Not that one harboured any sympathy for her intellect, but the fact that Ms.Clinton chooses to openly reject reality, shows her Sarah Palinisque approach to gain brownie points in the farm and bovine belt – by bleating oft-heard rigmarole. The fact that India recently received a communiquĂ© from the Iranian Government – condemning in the strongest words the latest terrorist attacks in the city of Pune (at German Bakery) – made no difference to the lady. We have heard a lot about ‘Iran’ from Israel, the US and the West as well as from Iran and its allies Syria, Lebanon, China, and Russia. But what’s the truth behind the real Iran? The IIPM Think Tank brings to you our interpretation:

Truth: Mohammed Reza Shah, who was the Iranian King from 1941-1979, was a close ally of the West post World War II.

Truth: Although he promoted reforms (like land reforms, extending voting powers to women), he ruled autocratically, steam-rolling any political or civil opposition, often arresting opponents. His reforms movement was called ‘White Reforms’ – it was America inspired. It included granting blanket immunity to all US personnel and their children in Iran, and removing the requirement of taking oath on the Qur`an while assuming public office.

Truth: In 1979, Reza was overthrown by the pure Islamist Ayatollah Khomeini – a man whom Reza had gotten arrested twice, and even expelled from Iran.

Truth: Khomeini strategised the overthrow with open support from France, which provided him residence in Paris. Truth: Khomeini came into power using force, but legitimised it with a nationwide referendum, which also resulted in instituting the current Islamic Republic of Iran.

Truth: Iran is the only democratic country in the Middle East – UAE, supported vociferously by US, is not.

Truth: The sixth and current democratically elected President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, like Obama, was a professor. He was elected in 2005 with 62% nationwide majority, and in 2009, again with 62% majority. 85% of the Iranian nation voted. In the 2008 US Presidential elections, 61% of American citizens voted. Obama got 52.9% majority.

Truth: Amidst controversy of missing ballots in the 2009 elections, the Iranian Guardian Council allowed partial recounting, which reconfirmed Ahmedinejad’s election. It may be noted that in 2000, the United States Supreme Court disallowed recount in the controversial Al Gore-George Bush Florida Presidential election standoff, allowing Bush to become the President.

Truth: Mahmoud Ahmedinejad is an evident loose cannon, once saying statements like, “If the Holocaust, as you claim, is true, why don’t you allow a probe into the issue?” and “Israel must be wiped off the map.” Similar to Bush, who went to war with Iraq saying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Ahmedinejad also accepts his mistakes faster than Bush, with apologetic statements like, “I respect Jews very much,” and “I was not passing judgement on the Holocaust.”

Truth: Iran is a founding member of the UN, the NAM, OIC and OPEC.

Truth: Iran releases over 26,000 scientific papers annually. It has also achieved remarkable progress in space, nano-technology, and nuclear technology.

Truth: Iran also happens to be an economic giant with its GDP at $0.82 trillion in PPP terms. The economy is growing by an average of 6% and the country retains a massive 10% of the world’s oil reserves.

Truth: Iran wishes to be a nuclear nation, apparently for civilian purposes. Ahmedinejad’s undiplomatic diatribes with IAEA have ensured that the transition – opposed tooth and nail by the US – will be difficult, if not impossible.

Truth: Israel is a nuclear armed nation. It neither is registered with the IAEA, nor is a signatory of the global Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty.
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Source :
IIPM Editorial, 2009

An IIPM and Professor Arindam Chaudhuri (Renowned Management Guru and Economist) Initiative

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