Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Book tales

TSI Five-O: Post apocalyptic tale with rousing action but predictable twists

I must confess that I am a little biased towards Denzel Washington. As a result, my expectations from “The Book of Eli” were fairly high what with the chance of catching Denzel in an action-oriented tough-guy-on-a-mission-post-apocalypse role. And sure enough, in terms of the setting, art direction and cinematography, the film captures post apocalyptic America (apparently ravaged by a nuclear war) quite brilliantly but Denzel as Eli, the man entrusted with protecting a book that contains the secrets to save all of mankind is a bit out of place at times.

His supporting cast is admirable; young Mila Kunis is pretty impressive and Gary Oldman absolutely brilliant as Carnegie, the bad guy who wants the book. But with metaphors and martial arts intertwining, the action is what stands out; the plot only plays second fiddle. The audience is never really in much doubt about what the ‘book’ might be and it weakens the suspense, though the revelation about Eli towards the end is a neat touch. There was a chance to make it something more complex and deeper, but ultimately “The Book of Eli” sticks mostly to the basics.

It is a well-set Western with an apocalyptic backdrop, but as a metaphorical story, well let’s just say it misses the mark.
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