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Robert Vadra - Priyanka Vadra’s Husband

He used to be short and chubby. But in recent months, Robert Vadra has shed 20 kgs. He loves body-building and showing off his muscles. His facebook profile has a picture of Robert flexing his muscles. Given who he is, isn’t he entitled to that at the very least?

He loves dancing, cycling and golf and is often seen alongside Priyanka at public events. But even though shutterbugs make a beeline for the couple, Robert prefers to keep a low profile. Son of a businessman, Robert ran a small-scale costume jewellery export firm, Artex, on the outskirts of Delhi when he married Priyanka in 1997. Sources have revealed that he shut down his business a few years back and got into the real estate sector.

In 2002, Robert severed ties with his father and brother. It is believed that his decision followed reports that his brother Richard had approached a Congress chief minister and used Priyanka Vadra’s name to secure a contract for a major project.

Another Congress leader claimed that Robert’s father, Rajinder Vadra, had called on him for a favour and sent his visiting card with "father-in-law of Priyanka" written on it. Robert distanced himself from his family to avoid controversy.

Every major religion is represented in Robert’s family. His father, Rajinder Vadra had married Maureen, a Roman Catholic. His eldest son Richard married Saira, a Muslim: Saira's mother is a Roman Catholic and father a Muslim and Robert has wed Priyanka, whose mother Sonia is a Roman Catholic.

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