Friday, April 30, 2010

Couple Caper

TSI Five-O: Carell and Fey’s chemistry lights up a fairly average plot

“Date Night” is undeniably enjoyable even if a couple of the gags are repetitive and the plot not completely water tight. And the primary reason for the fun is the comic chemistry between Tina Fey and Steve Carell. Their spontaneity in some of the sequences and Carell’s deadpan style, complementing Fey’s expressive enthusiasm, lend the film all the fun you may want in a mad ‘mistaken-identity-lands-couple-in-trouble-on-romantic-night-out’ comedy caper formula.

With a short runtime and a fairly steady supply of gags and one-liners, the story centers around a middleaged couple (Phil and Claire Foster; played by Carell and Fey) looking to put the spark back into their marriage with a special night out. When they can’t get a reservation at the city’s most upmarket restaurant they steal someone else’s, knowing little that they just signed up for a bag full of trouble as they are chased around by the henchmen of a mafia boss and the cops. Mark Wahlberg’s role as a hacker is worth a mention too; in a relatively short but shirtless appearance he manages to entertain.

The story has its fair share of jumps and disconnects but it is fairly snappy and the laughs keep coming rapidly enough to keep you engaged. It is the perfect movie for anybody (couples included) looking for a little fun on the run.

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