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1848 Princess Tui Inn, Samoa

Lavishing luxuries galore, 1848 Princess Tui Inn is nestled at an ideal location facing the South Pacific Ocean. Serving pure pleasure on a platter to its customers, the 1848 Princess Tui Inn has always been the epitome of warmth and hospitality. The resort provides the most scenic view of the glistening sun, dusty golden sand and not to mention, the azure waters. Blending tradition with culture, the 1848 Princess Tui Inn provides one wholesome experience of sheer bliss! 1848 Princess Tui Inn is a paradise for travellers – those who like to take it easy and also who like to be on the move 24x7 and prefer to go backpacking...

The View: It’s a marvel to watch the refreshing and energising sunrise and the picturesque golden sunsets from the various terraces and patios at the 1848 Princess Tui Inn. The resort, besides offering a spectacular view of the ocean, and with all the natural beauty surrounding it, also presents the visitor with the opportunity of being one with nature.

Archi Type: This luxurious resort has been built with a deliberate reflection of its tradition and a hint of its culture in its otherwise contemporary interiors. The designs and decorations have been aesthetically chosen to suit the taste of its guests from around the world. With beauty, fitness and spa facilities and with choicest elements – best quality woodwork, subtle colour schemes and interesting artifacts – the resort caters to the needs of one and all…

Bon App├ętit: 1848 Princess Tui Inn invites its guests to try the various creations of its chef known to blend classic and exotic flavours. Crabs, prawns and shrimps are a delicacy and blend well with the well-known chilled Vailima beer.

Around the Corner: 1848 Princess Tui Inn is conveniently situated in this miniature paradise with almost all fabulous hideaways at a reasonable distance. The spectacular island of Savai’i is just a stone's throw away from Princess Tui, and is the perfect base for visiting Papaseea sliding rocks, Papapapaitai Waterfall, Mataerva Beach and the markets of Apia.

From Under the Carpet: For those who wish to see everything in one place or those who suffer from lethargy, 1848 Princess Tui Inn may not be the best bet.

In Essence: Nurturing a relationship with sheer originality, apparent cordiality and sweet seduction is the hallmark of 1848 Princess Tui Inn.

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