Friday, April 02, 2010

Inviting the wolf home...

It may be true that if you’re not on the World Wide Web in the 21st century, you’re practically out of business. But if your business becomes someone else’s business, then you might feel jittery every time you punch in your magic keys. Not everyone on the Internet is as naive as you are... Welcome to the world of illegal hackers!

Con men, burglars, small-time thieves and serious criminals… the web is no stranger to any of these. The Internet sure has given us access to the necessary information and all the knowledge that we might need. But it has also opened the doors of privacy and given unwanted elements access to our personal lives. Compulsive voyeurs or Peeping Toms have been aided with the already there and ever-increasing industry of the ‘Social Networking Sites’. These sites have turned the world around for those who seek comfort while interacting with a long-lost pal. As long as it helps one share and get in touch with buddies, it is good. But the moment undesired weirdos start troubling you with unending ‘Friendship requests’ or meaningless messages, it starts getting uncomfortable. This is when the so-called net-savvy individuals opt for the ‘Block User’ privacy option. In the present day scenario, where status messages have to change with every fresh cup of coffee, resorting to safety measures like blocking a pesky user may not suffice. Informing your dear ones and letting them know where and how you’re going for a vacation or a date or even a meeting (all in good faith) may be just the information needed for those waiting to strike!

Blissful at the look of increasing number of fans and followers or admiring the up-to-mark look of one’s new profile shall soon be passé. Cyber crime is growing by the hour and with every piece of extra information, which may aid even the most uninitiated net-using criminal mind, it is getting simpler too. “There is a huge list of scams such as online earning proposals, duplicate websites, phishing and Spam e-mails, credit card frauds and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) frauds.
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