Saturday, June 28, 2008

Paying bills for a living….

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Explains Rahul, “Every big group expands as the economy demands. We wanted a strong footing in the service industry. I personally, always wanted to start something service based. And having studied abroad, I had a fairly good idea about the service industry outside.” So he took up the task to replicate the global concept of convenient payment of bills for the India’s a billion plus. He blended a vast and efficient retail network with state-ofthe- art technology and created Easy Bill in 2003. “With the economy booming, it was the best time to get into this service industry. When we launched Easy Bill, we required a huge network of dealers & retailers. The requisite skill sets were very similar to what Hero Group was already into–low value cash movement,” reminisces Rahul. To make the consumer better understand his offerings, Rahul avoided marketing jargons in the nomenclature of his new venture and christened it Easy Bill. From the onset of the journey, Rahul, who spearheads Easy Bill as CEO, took special care to create trust and goodwill for his brand among consumers, which he describes as the backbone of any service company. “The customer’s trust is reinforced every time he looks at our logo on his telecom company’s bill. We give an authorised receipt for every payment with an Airtel or Tata logo so that customers don’t have any apprehensions,” he says. And what with the number of electricity, telecom and other paid services in the country growing by leaps and bounds, Rahul has surely secured his eggs in the golden basket.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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