Monday, June 23, 2008

Cigarette sales get puffed down in Britain

Smoking kills – that we all know. Now cigarette sales are getting killed in Britain, after a total ban on smoking was introduced in England (virtually every enclosed public place and workplace) from 1 July this year. Cigarette sales figures are out – and they say that in the one month after the ban, sales have dropped by 6.9%. This was reported in the British newspaper The Guardian’s website that quoted a London Times story, which, in turn, cited the figures from consumer research group AC Nielsen. “Sales had already been falling by about 2% annually,” The Guardian also noted. It does help, of course, that prior to England, smoking had been banned in Scotland, Ireland and Wales earlier. “The fall in July mirrors similar declines in cigarette consumption after smoking was banned in Ireland in 2004 and in Scotland last spring. In addition, the wet weather in July may have deterred smokers from using the outdoor smoking facilities,” the report added, while talking about how fall in cigarette sales has seen an unlikely reverse story: book stores are witnessing a whopping rise in the sales of books that pertain to help people quit smoking – sales have gone up by almost 260%!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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