Saturday, June 28, 2008

Indian market

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However, it was certainly no mean feat to popularise a concept like Easy Bill in the Indian market, especially with the habitual Indian consumer unwilling to let go off traditional payments options. Besides, the additional challenge of establishing a vast distribution network was also there. “We were fortunate to have come from a business that had a strong distribution set up. But of course, to get the first 10-15 contracts was like a nightmare. There was a time when a chairman of the electricity board of a neighbouring state refused to meet me when I told him about this concept. I stood in front of his office for hours for 4-5 days before he met but still didn’t buy my idea. After I had 30 clients in my kitty, I asked him if he trusted me now. He is my client today,” explains Rahul. Today the Easy Bill network spans Delhi, Maharashtra, Bengalooru, Punjab, Haryana & Gujarat, with more than 3,500 outlets in 25 major cities across the country. “If a customer knows where to find us if his bills don’t get paid, that adds my credibility,” emphases Rahul. .

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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