Tuesday, April 01, 2008

IIPM-Hot Spots Advertising

BRAND : Parle G
BASELINE : Hindustan Ki Taakat
DESCRIPTION: A soldier leaves for his camp and the VO exclaims, “Taakat mein taakat hoon, door hoon, paas hoon.” A dhabawala practices writing in English and the VO continues, “Swayam ka aabhaas hoon.” Boys are shown wrestling & the VO says, “Taakat, mein taakat hoon.” A girl walks on the road and deals boldly with eve-teasers; the VO goes, “Aahat hoon, saahas hoon.” And so on. Finally, a female photo-journalist is shown taking pictures, amidst the trouble-torn scenario and the VO states, “Subah ki taswir hoon, maa ko diya hua vachan hoon. Mein taakat hoon.”

4Ps TAKE: Nice campaign from Parle G with effective communication through VO, powerful visuals to back the effort, and the message that Parle G biscuits are a part of everyday life. The tagline ‘Hindustan ki taakat’ comes alive through the communication. The single-minded focus is to target all age groups, in both rural and urban India. Of course the USP is the ‘nutritional strength’ of the biscuit that offers the required energy to consumers. Only problem: doesn’t the ad go slightly overboard over a biscuit???

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

An IIPM and Professor Arindam Chaudhuri (Renowned Management Guru and Economist) Initiative

BRAND : Sony Ericsson
AGENCY: Saatchi & Saatchi
BASELINE: Love bringing the shadows to life.
DESCRIPTION: A guy is sleeping under a tree & someone clicks his shadow’s picture. A guy wearing feathers gets his shadow’s picture clicked too. Next, a salesgirl is fixing the collar of a male mannequin and her shadow’s picture is clicked. Finally, a guy clicks his photo in shadow & VO says, “Sony Ericsson K810i that photographs.”

4Ps TAKE: Cellphones have become cameras, or as good as a camera: that’s exactly what this ad is trying to communicate. The power idea is that Sony Ericsson K810i’s 3.2 megapixel camera doesn’t get bogged down by the darkness. Poor lighting is offset by the Xenon flash that’s inbuilt in the phone. So, while other camera phones would have taken pictures of your shadow in bad lighting, the K810i operates like a regular camera. The USP is the phone’s photo fix feature that gives one extra, magical dark room touch. The only problem is that these features could have been communicated to the target audience. The communication seems to have got lost in the shadows!

BRAND : Radio City
AGENCY : Meridian BASELINE : Whatte Fun
DESCRIPTION: Two midgets are trying to curl the moustache of the Maharaja with ‘Gir gaya hoon’ playing in the backdrop. The Maharaja calls the snake charmer to fix his moustache, but again all in vain. Tired & bugged, he chops his moustache. Then, we observe the dejected Maharaja sitting on a swing, looking at the two dogs sitting in front of him. He has an idea and fixes the tails of the dogs instead and people around him are impressed. In the end, the VO says, “Kutte ki doom tedhi ki tedhi, sunte rahiye fun ki nayi bhasha, Radio City, 91.1, Whatte Fun!”

4Ps TAKE: Another sequence to the Whatte Fun campaign and this one too scores high on humour and wit. The power idea is to position the channel as a fun-loving one, entertaining all age groups. The storyboard is woven in an interesting manner and the visual grabs our attention. The reward to the prospect is the music played, which keeps the listeners hooked. The USP is the sheer fun factor that the channel stands for. Whatte Fun!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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