Thursday, April 10, 2008

Leaders by birth?

Do first-borns enjoy undue advantage in sibling rivalries?
A new research proves that nature too follows the policy of first-come, first-served. After studying a sample of 240,000 Norwegia men born between 1967and 1976, Petter Kristensen and his colleagues at University of Oslo have reported in the journal Science and Intelligence that first-borns are likely to have a higher IQ than their younger siblings. Being the eldest, they’re usually expected to be the more responsible ones, and it looks like God has equipped them for the task by giving them an edge of 2.3 IQ points. However, even if a later born is raised as the eldest due to any reason (like death of the eldest) then their IQs tend to rise to equal that of the eldest. An analysis published in the US journal – Science informs that first-born men have higher IQ levels than those born 2nd, and subsequently the gap increases. Note that nowhere does it imply that if a lady gives birth to14 children, the last one will be a pea-brained idiot! But all this has a catch, the research is based on data of young Norwegian men, the lifestyle conditions in other countries would vary and could considerably affect the results. And girls have been exempted from this research as previous studies already suggest a similar trend in females. In any case, let the later-borns not be disheartened, as IQ, like RAM in a computer, can still be upgraded!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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The condom ban(ter)
A sex toy or another political ploy...?
Not so long ago, an art student, Chandra mohan, of M.S. University, Vadodara was arrested when his painting piqued the saffron brigade. And even before the nation can begin to get over that infamous breach of a student’s right to expression and evaluation, the self-righteous politicians have picked on that unwitting agent of conjugal bliss – the condom – as their next victim. The condom with a tiny vibrating ring at its base is in the eye of a storm in Madhya Pradesh and, if all goes ‘well’, it will be off the shelves within days. While the ruling party brands them as sex toys, S.G. Sridhar, General Manager, Hindustan Latex insists, “It is not a sex toy! It’s a normal condom, fitted with a vibrating ring on the top, designed to boost the usage of condoms since it enhances pleasure for both partners.” And even if they were sex toys, whose business is it to grudge amorous adults their games of love? What happens behind closed doors ought not to be anybody else’s affair. But the high-on-Hindutva state government will have nothing of this and, after banning sex education in schools, is waving fists at Hindustan Latex. And the irony of it all – it is the very same Madhya Pradesh that is also home to that testament to love’s-labours rediscovered- in-stone called Khajuraho!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2008

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