Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They make money from water

The daily income from such business is Rs 65 lakh

Traders are taking full advantage of the drinking water shortage in Kerala. They are minting money by selling water. Of late it has become a roaring business with many new entrants taking a plunge. To start a business of collecting and then distributing water doesn’t need heavy investments. The most they do is take a water-rich land or lease or rent and dig borewells.

In Thiruvananthapuram district it was found that 30 cents of land in a village near Aryanad has six borewells which are more than 500-feet deep. Everyday hundreds of trucks ply on this route. They fill their thousand litre tanks from these wells and then supply it to water tanks in houses, hotels and construction sites.

Local sources say the daily income from such trade is Rs 65 lakh. A full tank of water fetches something between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,500. Interestingly, water exploitation is illegal, but till now the government and local police have seen the other way.

The sale of water is common in those parts of the state where rivers and wells have dried up. In Palakkad, Idukki and Kollam districts water sales are high. Kerala is facing a drought like situation. Scientists predict that the drought will intensify in April and May. According to them, water scarcity will be felt more in these months. The shortage of water has become a perennial problem.

The Kerala Water Authority is providing drinking water to panchayats. Tankers and lorries are being deployed for this purpose. Official sources say at least one lorry is deployed to cover one panchayat. Besides, each lorry is allowed to make up to four trips a day.

However, it has failed to address the problem. Villagers still complain of not receiving sufficient water being supplied by the government agencies. With no other option left, the villagers fork out money to purchase water from private water sellers.

The situation in these regions is deteriorating as there is no understanding between the government agencies and the locals over rain water harvesting.
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