Thursday, March 06, 2008

A couple of Google’s offerings...

The search engine company, Google has come out with a new service for small businesses. The Google Custom Search Business Edition is a $100 per year service, which allows visitors to search information on their sites. This is a 10 minute sign-up process completed in three steps. The only requirement is a particular embedded code. California based Google is also mulling expansions in its Print Ads programme. This new expansion will permit online advertisers to publish their ads in 225 newspapers in the US market.

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Coca Cola is falling down!
Cola major, Coca Cola Enterprises has been struck by the clumping demand for its soft drinks in North America. Analysts attribute this downfall in sales to a comparatively lower demand for carbonated drinks due to perceived health risks. Also giving trouble is the price increase of aluminium, a resource needed for cans and corn syrup that is used as a sweetener. For the quarter ended June, profit stood at $270 million or 56 cents per share (58 cents per share when restructuring charges and other items were excluded from the calculations). For the same quarter in the previous year, the profit was $339 million or 71 cents per share.

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