Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Brand Google is soaring globally, but its India strategy clearly needs more punch
Every one loves the $144.6 billion giant Google! And why not, thanks to them, you have the world at your finger tips! It might have slipped fifteen places to a seemingly unimpressive number 37, but surely, with 53.7% of the world search-engine market share, it undisputedly stands tall and worthy to be called a brand that garners a swashbuckling $10.6 billion in revenues during 2006 (at a growth rate of 121.6%, since 2002). The year 2006 also witnessed quite a few acquisitions, starting with Google’s acquisition of YouTube – a popular video sharing website, making it a huge rage among the youth. Then in October 2006, it cemented its hold even on the working population with its acquisition of Jot Spot, an enterprise social software. Despite its activities being on a global scale, India has not found itself out of action when it came to playing a role in this giant’s business development. The brand has given millions of Hindi-speakers a reason to rejoice with Google News in Hindi and has even come out with two venture capital funds, Seed fund and Erasmic. Shailesh Rao, MD, Google India told 4Ps B&M: “We want to be a catalyst for the India entrepreneurial spirit and create new services for the Indian market.” Google has also initiated its ‘click-to-call’ ads in India, a tie-up with Bharti Airtel to provide a mobile search option. Brand ‘Google’ has clearly left its competitors with no choice, but to ogle!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2007

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