Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rekha Dahiya, Intl Wrestler

When Rekha Dahiya went to Russia, she had a huge responsibility on her shoulders. The biggest of them was the struggle to prove that she was not second to any. Rekha Dahiya is the member of the Indian international wrestling team and fights in the toughest and most competitive weight category of 48 kg. When TSI caught up with her, she was so shy that her team members, both boys and girls, helped her recount her achievements. But when it came to practice, it was the same Rekha who was leading their skill training session from the front. What makes the achievements of this girl even more remarkable is the surrounding from where she has risen to be a wrestler. She belongs to Haryana, which has the most skewed sex ratio in the country. It is noyt a place where girls are encouraged to chart out their own course of life. Rekha’s practice arena will put her struggle in the right perspective. The place is full of mosquitoes and the ceiling is broken at many places. Her coach, Ishwar Dahiya, is obviously immensely proud of her. This daughter of a farmer is waiting for her moment of glory on the podium.

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IIPM Editorial, 2009

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