Monday, August 04, 2008

FDA-approved manufacturing facilities

Moreover, with around 100 FDA-approved manufacturing facilities – the highest outside the US – and low-production cost, India has attracted global companies to scout for assets as a low-cost alternative. “India is well positioned to be a buoyant future for generics. While there are potential downsides to consider, India is becoming more pronounced as a global strategic asset for developed world businesses. Foreign companies should be looking to India as a platform for building their European & the US markets,” agrees Brian Tempest, former Chief Mentor and Executive Director, Ranbaxy.

Thus, as international pharmaceutical companies increase their activity in India and bring in significant resources, domestic companies will have to move up the product value chain. In this context consolidation seems to be the best possible move. “Consolidation will not only provide the required size and expertise, but will also certainly improve efficiency; provide economies of scale and scope; and strengthen their product portfolio, eventually benefiting the industry as a whole,” avers Shetty. And with Indian pharma growing at a CAGR over 13%, smaller companies are ripe for the kill. It’s just that the predators are biding their time.

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