Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Emerges from instinct

What does Prasoon Joshi bring to the table that is special at Mccann? He is forthright, “Honesty of purpose & fearlessness. The passionate desire to bring honour & glory to the organisation by celebrating excellence collectively that resonates first with the market place, then peers & finally all who value great communication.” Fearlessness, Joshi reckons, is his middle name because he approaches his work with originality and individuality which emerges from instinct, intuition and insight. Its not a dikhawa, posturing or fake bravado. “I came to this line with nothing. I did not come with money, influence or big-ticket background of a reputed Public School or ameer baap. I came, however, with the greatest and most expensive gift a parent can give to his child – culture, values, redefined taste in artistic things and above all integrity. The guts to hold on tight to your legacy and not sell out to fame or fortune, come what may.”

All this has certainly made Prasoon Joshi special… but what about Brand Mccann? What makes it special? He smiles, pride writ large on his face. “The X factor. It is something others do not have.” He takes pains to articulate this special quality which is about finding a voice for brands that is unmistakably integrated within the soul of the brand. These make McCann’s work truly different & memorable. This is further reinforced by the tactile touch & feel they impart to the communication. He cites the example of Choloromint that is defined by the ‘dobara mat poochna’ tag line. When the celebrated head-butt incident involving Zinedine Zidane erupted in the year 2006, the flood of SMSs and mails circulating indicated that this happened only because some dumbass must have asked the moody soccer star aap Chloromint kyun khate hain?! Same with Happydent (which swept awards everywhere), Parachute (Gorgeous hamesha!), Tehelka (Jhoot Bole Kauwa Kaate) & others from the McCann stable.

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IIPM Editorial, 2008
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