Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another hogwash!

The US does not intend Iraq to unite as nation again
Bush is losing Iraq & that too in a rather ungracious manner. The desperation of the American administration over Iraq is clearly visible nowadays. The US is haplessly trying to appease the same Bathist elements in Iraq, who they had earlier condemned as destroyers of Iraq. Recently, the United States gave a tacit approval for a new policy in Iraq and that will allow low-level Baath Party officials in Iraq to serve in the government. The agreement signed by some of the top Shiite, Sunni & Kurdish leaders endorses an upcoming draft bill that, if passed, will help relax rules preventing most of the members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party from holding government posts. According to American officials, the law is aimed at encouraging disenchanted Sunni Arabs to support what is being called the “Shiite-led government.” Easing the ban on Baath members is among the benchmarks the US has demanded as a condition for continued support to the Iraqi government.

The deal also talks about holding regular provincial elections, an important clause pushed by United States - and help security forces in stopping the bloodshed. Reforming the law has long been considered a top priority of the Iraqi government, but the political parties have disagreed on the best course of action. Many Shiites & Kurds have objected to allowing Sunni ex-Baathists into jobs related to national security and are nervous that they could regain dominance in the government. Earlier, in April 2003 the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) headed by US Army top-brasses had de-bathised the Iraqi establishment. CPA Order 1 held that: “Full members of the Baath Party and its subsidiary wings are hereby removed from their positions and banned from future employment in the public sector. These Senior Party Members shall be evaluated for criminal conduct or threat to the security of the Coalition.

Individuals holding positions in the top three layers of management in every national government ministry, affiliated corporations and other government institutions shall be interviewed for possible affiliation with the Baath Party and subject to investigation for criminal conduct and risk to security.” Talking to B&E, noted conflict resolution expert at Centre for American Progress, Brian Katulis said, “The move by the Bush administration to lift the ban on the former Baath party members is an act of desperation aimed at achieving even a small appearance of progress in advance of a major White House report to Congress on Iraq.

In 2003, the Bush administration committed a major mistake by dismissing the Iraqi army and telling even the lowest level members of the Baath party not to come back to their jobs, and now more than four years later, they are trying to correct this mistake.” Meanwhile, the spokesperson of Baath Party, Abu Muhib al-Baghdadi, dismissed the draft legislation, saying his group would not deal with the Iraqi leadership until all US & foreign forces leave the country. He termed the resolution as a “trap” laid down to make Sunni resistance dysfunctional. In the end, all these manipulative gestures from the Bush administration are guided by the domestic political considerations and are hardly aimed at improving the ground situation in Iraq. Perhaps the Democrats could provide a more viable solution to the country.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2007

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