Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Futuristic technologies

Give a print out, what do you get? A simple paper copy. What if you are an architect or a ceramic designer and you want to see your creation that you have so tediously made as a 3D object? Well you will be off to purchase thermacol, clay, paints and adhesives to build the model, right? Wrong. Just get a 3D printer. This amazing printer works like ordinary inkjet printer, but builds layers on layers; ultimately producing a 3D copy. With this method, you get to convert a three-dimensional image into a real object. Contemplating the futuristic importance of 3D printing, it is finding increased use in bio-technology & tissue engineering.

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From wear your clothes, to wear your attitude, to wear your computer now! That’s the degree of personalisation we are looking forward to in the future. Personal computer will be more personal than before and will spend more time with you. The concept of wearable computing will put to test the question of how and when to use a computer and puts forth the proposition that computers can be a part of us, as much as our own clothes, sunglasses etc. This ‘always ready’ capability will lead to a new form of synergy between human & computer, characterized by long-term adaptation through constancy of user interface.

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2007

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