Monday, May 21, 2007

And the Bakwaas Ads...

After you have gushed over the blockbuster ads of this fortnight, here are some, which – we are absolutely sure – will never make it. 4Ps B&M lists the three worst ads of the fortnight... Ads that almost made you swear that you won’t ever buy the advertised brand. And even if you managed a peek at it, you were left with a bad taste in the mouth. Medium error, complex message or just plain bakwaas communication!

BRAND: Getz Prime
BASELINE: Drive Global
AGENCY: Innocean
4Ps TAKE: In a time and age when India Inc. is bent on proving to the world that its goods and services are second to none, Getz Prime in this ad is going all out to drive home its German antecedents. Come on guys, you could have done so much more (just look at some recent four-wheeler ads!) and the only power idea that you could come up with was Getz’s German connection? What’s more, in terms of features, the ad only highlights the car’s air conditioner, elbow rest, glove box, luxurious interiors, et al. Get real guys, those features are found in most every car today. So, what is Getz Prime’s USP? As the ad says: ‘the European favourite, now in India’. If with such jaded advertising communication, Hyundai plans to wean away market share in the segment, which Suzuki’s Swift stole a long time ago, they are in for a real shock. No reward to prospect and no focus, what’s up Hyundai?

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2007

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