Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mr. Head on Wheels

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Here’s yet another red-blooded, driven entrepreneur, who has much more to his credit than just a legendary surname! A mechanical engineer from Pune University and Masters in manufacturing systems engineering from the University of Warwick in 1991, Rajeev Bajaj joined Bajaj Auto first as an officer on special duty and streamlined the manufacturing systems to improve the production quality and profitability. Since then, this bold Bajaj has concentrated on completely refurbishing the image of Bajaj Auto from old and ugly scooters to stylish and sleek two-wheelers! His role in this successful transition is applause-worthy, thanks to the manner in which he conceived and executed a realistic and result-oriented plan that focused on a few significant issues and delivered results! Rajeev is now steering Bajaj Auto towards the future with twin engine (petrol and LPG/CNG) two wheelers! That’s youth power for you!

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Source:- IIPM-Business and Economy, 2006

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