Tuesday, August 01, 2006



As the Hizbollah pound rockets into Israel, the renewed confidence banking on daredevilry of the Shiite group is more than apparent. And that audacity is not an isolated gimmick, but can be read as the growing confidence in the Shia population across the region, to challenge the might of US and its Zionist ally – Israel. For example, in Iraq, the immediate aftermath of Saddam’s ouster was an infinite American control over Iraqi oil; but the move also created a geo-political void that got filled in by religious & ethnic aspirations. Despite an all out American support to the ‘secular’ alternative of Allawi’s Iraqiyah Party, it was the Shia dominated United Iraqi Alliance that won the largest number of seats in the post-Saddam Iraqi Parliament.

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Business and Economy, Author:- Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri - 2006

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