Monday, December 10, 2012

Putting stray dogs to sleep

Is putting stray dogs to sleep the solution to the menace?

Also, some months back, a five-year-old boy was attacked and killed by a pack of stray dogs in Meerut when he walked into an area which had carcasses of dead animals and a huge dump of garbage.

Some might debate that it is inhuman to kill animals, but in situations like these, when animals start posing a threat to man, isn’t man left with just one solution? “Not at all!” said Jaya. “It is a failure on the part of the municipalities which haven’t been able to take care of the stray dogs. For about 40-50 years, stray dogs were being killed in Bangalore. Has that reduced the number of such dogs there? Sadly, no.” Giving solutions to tackle such problems, Jaya suggested, “One has to eliminate the root cause of the problem. Firstly, garbage should be managed and all illegal meat shops, etc., should be removed. Secondly, stray dogs must be sterilised. Dogs, especially during the mating season, become aggressive. Sterilisation makes them docile. It is the best scientific way to control their population and avoid community disturbance.”

The problem of these roving creatures is doing nothing but creating hatred between man and man’s best friend, leading to inhuman solutions instead of propagating a peaceful co-existence. The only solution to problems is putting the solution into action. Let us hope that Mammens call for brutal slaughter of dogs leads people to call for implementing the real solutions to the problem. 

Source : IIPM Editorial, 2012.
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