Wednesday, December 12, 2012


...and the shareholders get their pants walloped!

Swing & Miss #3: GM’s premature focus on hybrids cost the company too much. Despite being in the news for over 15 years now, hybrids only contribute to about 2.15% of all vehicle sales! Then there are reports which prove how by 2020, oil production will cross a smashing 1,600 million barrels annually – 6667% more than what was produced in 2003! In other words, hybrids are not required in the near future year, but Wagoner still believes it, for he has to swing!

Swing & Miss #4: Wagoner’s confused branding strategies have ensured that high-end sports cars (like the Corvette Z01) & small cars (like the Spark) are sold under the same tag, Chevrolet? Apparently, he skipped branding management lectures too! Swing & Miss #5: During his tenure, this “easy-going” CEO destroyed a blood-freezing 98% of GM’s Mcap, shaving-off of a clean $90 billion of shareholder wealth. And just before he was booted-out by the Obama administration last month, he had the most wonderful gift for all at GM – a record $52.8 billion in losses for FY2008!

Well, today, Wagoner’s out, but GM has to live on. But will it? “A lot of things depend on the survival plan that GM will present but filing for bankruptcy makes sense as of now,” claims Christian Breitsprecher, Industry expert, Sal Oppenheim. Well, June 1 is not far away. Fingers crossed...

Source : IIPM Editorial, 2012.
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