Thursday, November 15, 2012


23% premium sounds logical for BII

Some analysts, too, saw the deal as being over-valued, especially considering that BII performed under-par for the past 2 years, with profits falling by a whopping 36% during 2007, and another 13% during 2006 as Julian Chua, Analyst, Citigroup voices, “The price tag on BII is 50% higher than initially assumed for mediocre franchise...” However, Citigroup & FitchRatings are of an opinion that in the long-term, Indonesia has good prospects & Maybank has taken the right cue. As a matter of fact, Maybank says that it is targetting an increase in the loans of BII by over 20% in 2008.

Chris Oh, Analyst, JP Morgan Chase also supports this move as he divulges, “The BII was a ‘must-have’ strategic acquisition for Maybank. BII is projected to have minimum sustainable return of at least 20% beyond FY 2010 (sans factoring-in synergies).” Adding all this to Malaysia’s growing trade-ties with ASEAN trading partners, $2.7 billion suddenly appears ‘loose change’!

Source : IIPM Editorial, 2012.

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