Tuesday, October 23, 2012

United States of India

Politicians must discourage unnecessary demands for separate states

Unity in diversity’ has always been a great strength of this nation. But now this diversity is alarmingly manifesting itself in a manner that threatens the unity of the country. There are about 10 bills pending with the Home Ministry currently with demands of separate statesout of existing ones. The list includes demand for a separate Mithilachal from Bihar, Harit Pradesh out of UP, Coorg in Karnataka, Saurashtra from Gujarat, Telengana from Andhra Pradesh and Gorkha Land from West Bengal. The supporters of a separate Bundelkhand want to whittle away districts of Banda, Chitrakoot, Jhansi, Lalitpur, and Sagar from UP and MP; whereas those rooting for Bhojpur intend to break UP, Bihar and Chattisgarh.

Rather than discouraging this alarming trend, the so-called ‘national’ political parties are in fact eager to make political points out of it. The Kutch Rajya Sankalp Samiti; an agitating group that is lobbying endlessly with the government of Gujarat government for the separate state of Kutch, has vowed to support any political party that is willing to precipitate their goal. The political equation has forced Congress to support them in an otherwise BJP ruled state.

Source : IIPM Editorial, 2012.

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