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Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin - IIPM News

Located at a fair distance from the busy business centre and the shopping square, Four Seasons Hotel is just the perfect place to come back to after an exhausting day of exploring the city. Surrounded with greenery, the hotel is a paradise for those who seek convenience and quiet. A stay at Four Seasons enables one to live those few days in authentic Irish style.

The view: Since the city centre is not too far away, some of the hotel rooms open to the lovely cityscape. A warm cup of coffee (or tea if you please) with the view of the landscape and roofscape of Dublin from most of the rooms, is enough to make your mornings special.

Archi type: At the Four Seasons, Dublin, they proclaim their architecture ‘handsome’ since it strikes a perfect balance between traditional Irish design with a contemporary touch. The hotel offers 197 guest rooms and suites in addition, and some of them provide their guests the luxury of private terraces too. The bright, yet subtle, upholstery is meant to make the hotel look majestic. Accessorised with cozy sitting areas which are designed such that one can bask in the sunlight, the hotel provides guests with every comfort in the book.

Bon appétit: One of the unique characteristics of the Four Seasons is the wide selection of restaurants offering different cuisines, each built to suit a different mood. The finest International and Irish cuisine can be savoured at Seasons Restaurant. A casual alternative to this restaurant is The Café. The Lobby Lounge is a more formal place for breakfast, light lunch or cocktails. Drinks can best be enjoyed at The Bar and The Ice, designed with chic and stylish artwork, just right to cater to a casual mood for beverages and some light snacks.

Around the corner: Four Seasons Hotel is located close to the city centre, which is the major hub of all the shopping areas, museums and theatres. The hotel also allows one easy access to the Irish countryside. Also, an evening or morning stroll around the hotel is an interesting option if one wants to enjoy the beauty and the greenery of Dublin.

From under the carpet: Although accommodation at the Four Seasons is the best bet in Dublin, one would have to ensure that the booking is done much in advance since Four Seasons is also the choice when it comes to organising weddings and other events, which keeps the hotel booked all year round.

In essence: Four Seasons Hotel defines luxury along with ‘home-like’ comfort with all kinds of facilities for its guests, be it 24-hour internet or gym /spa facility or for that matter mouth-watering cuisines. There's little else that one can ask for in a vacation!
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