Monday, November 30, 2009

IIPM News - Joota Maro Andolan

Machendranath Suryavanshi
Joota Maro Andolan

Machendranath has become an idol for people who either throw or approve of throwing shoes at corrupt babus and despotic leaders. When the Iraqi journalist hurled shoes at President George W. Bush months ago, a detachment from FBI flew down to India to question Machendranath as to whether he was any way connected to the incident or had inspired the Iraqi journalist. A resident of Latur district in Maharashtra, Machendranath started it when a corrupt official asked for money to transfer in his name the land that has been allotted to him. In no time, Machendranath started getting nationwide acknowledgement.

To give it a rather all-India feel, he shifted to Jantar Mantar in April, 2006. He has continued his crusade against corrupt bureaucrats since then. His demand is dismissal of corrupt officials. “When I came to Delhi three years ago, I was alone. Today, many organisations and individuals have lent me support and are in some ways or other associated with me. People who come to protest in Delhi offer me moral support,” says the man.

He has a future course of action prepared. “I am currently preparing a list of corrupt officials. And it will be followed by a shoe-lobbing spree,” he says rather candidly. Well, babus better watch out.

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IIPM Editorial, 2009

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