Monday, September 14, 2009

When silence says it all…

As the name suggests, Silent Valley is a destination for those who’d want to take time out from the cacophony of the cities and unwind in a calm and serene environment. Mannarkkat township of Palakkad district hardly gives the impression of being the gateway to Silent Valley, the peaceful wonderland. Winding roads carve their way through hills, tall trees dot the roads on one side while a deep abyss lies on the other; scenic beauty unlike any other place welcomes one to this National Park. While the sound of the insect cicada usually floats in the air in the areas around the Silent Valley, strangely, this valley remains unaffected… and so it has been named – The Silent Valley National Park.

This place is usually visited by those who enjoy indulging their senses with an extravaganza of flora and fauna. As one admires the lush green environment, the remains of a several centuries-old Kattualying tree wouldn’t fail to grab his/her attention. It’s said that the tree’s trunk was hollow and was huge enough to accommodate at least 12 adults in it! Now, its remains are still an interesting sight. Further ahead in the Park, one can spot a number of Malabar giant squirrels hopping from one branch to another. These squirrels and rare multi-coloured butterflies, which flutter around the visitors, make one feel as though they’ve stepped into an enchanted land straight from a fairytale! And in this land, one can sit alongside the streams that gurgle past, or even choose to get drenched in the gushing waters of the waterfalls...

A place where a plethora of flora and fauna abounds, the sight of cobras isn’t rare over here. There have also been instances when a tiger has blocked the road and not allowed anyone to move any further inside the forest! So if adventure excites you, it’s a good bet that you will chance upon one at the Silent Valley!

One must not miss the breathtaking view of the valley from atop the 200-metre tall watchtower. The sight of mountains covered with green trees till as far as the eyes can see, is a picturesque sight, and a fantastic opportunity for those fond of photography. Although inhabited by wild animals, it’s best to walk in this thick forest (with a guide of course), for as the cool breeze caresses your face, the sound of the streams fill your ears, a butterfly comes and pecks at your cheek, and perhaps a wild animal comes in sight, it would make for memories to be cherished for a lifetime…

Steering the course:

Take a flight to Coimbatore; Silent Valley is an hour-drive away from there. Palakkad is the nearest railway station.

Cosy corners:

If luxury is what you desire, then The Silent Valley Resort is the place to stay. To enjoy the feel of the jungle, one could opt for accommodation provided by the Forest Department.

The ‘season’ed traveller goes now:

November to February is the best time to visit.

‘Savour’ faire

Meals are generally provided by the hotel, but once there, do not miss out on the delicious south Indian cuisine.

Get to work

If you’re a water baby, take a dip in the clear waters of the Bhavani river. One has to visit the solar-operated exhibition hall here, and don’t let laziness keep you from an early morning trek in the jungle!

What’s the word?

English is understood, but greeting the people with namaskaram (hello) can bring a smile to their faces.

Keepsake courtesies:

There’s nothing material that the place offers to its visitors. But one could capture plenty of scenic pictures in his/her camera and take home beautiful memories of this natural wonder.

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