Monday, September 04, 2006


A jaunt on the road to success sure gets more convenient with a Visa Card or two in tow. That is why cricket’s ubiquitous celebrity – the baadshah of boisterous – Navjot Singh Sidhu has been caught clean by Visa International to spread the good word about the company’s sponsorship of the imminent ICC cricket tournament. And words are what Sidhu can rattle off at the drop of a hat; not just that, switch on any channel – sports or news – chances are that his rumbustious Sidhuisms are doing the rounds. His quotes and his penchant for witticism (bordering on the corny and the eccentric at times, but nonetheless hilarious!) exemplify his friendly and flamboyant nature. Which is probably why Visa ‘got him’.

The ‘Visa Clean Bol’ contest kick started from the first of August in order to promote holiday packages for the ICC Champions Trophy 2006. Winners who devise the best ‘Sidhuisms’ will get to be at the ICC. All you have to do is shop till you drop and foot the bill with your Visa card, and you’re entitled to take part in the contest. Visa is looking at leveraging Sidhu’s wackiness for added impetus – all this to draw in the crowds. The swashbuckling wordsmith is bound to shore up responses to the company’s initiatives, outdoing Visa’s earlier tie with Sachin. In the meantime, here’s a potential Sidhuism winner for the contest: “Fields and the competitive arena were never meant to be churches!” Howzzat! 4Ps

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