Monday, March 18, 2013

“We Need a Real Estate Regulator”

Kamal Khetan, CMD, Sunteck, has taken Sunteck to Unimaginable Levels Within a decade. He talks to Mona Mehta about The Present and The Future
Sunteck Realty started their business in 2000 from Mumbai and have gone on to become Mumbai’s second largest real estate player with a plethora of premium offerings in the residential and commercial segments. Kamal Khetan, the founder promoter and present Chairman and Managing Director of the Sunteck Group, reveal the success model of the story and the fast changing real estate landscape in the country in an exclusive interview:

B&E: How do you rate Sunteck Realty’s performance on the financial front and what have been the kind of targets achieved till now and also set by you?
Kamal Khetan (KK):
Our financial performance this year has been extremely good. The cumulative sales are Rs.1.43 billion (bn) and customer advances stand at Rs.4.35 bn in September 2010. We continue to achieve higher volumes and higher sales realization across our projects. This is a growth of about 40% over the corresponding period last financial year on revenue. We are confident of achieving our target of FY11 and have targeted cumulative sales of Rs.20 bn by year end out of which, we have already achieved more than Rs.1.6 bn till date. On all projects, we are achieving a minimum premium of 25% to 30% in each market.

B&E: What has the major focus of the top management in terms of managing cash flows especially when home equity is increasing with regards to loans? What has been your overall growth strategy so far?
The company remains focused on acquisitions it also believes in utilizing each rupee generated from internal accruals for further acquisitions. Our cash flow remains strong and our volumes and price points are only growing. We don’t believe that the increase in home equity (required for home loans) is impacting the volumes or price point of our products.

B&E: How do you believe that the real estate industry has evolved over the years in India and what are the major policy or institutional changes required in the near future?
The real estate industry will continue to be a high growth sector, with a significant potential not only to provide homes and business locations but also sustainable employment. In the medium to long term, we expect the industry to benefit from newer construction technology, design and building automation, as well as green technology. We expect to form larger partnerships with government and local bodies to develop comprehensive high density developments with requisite infrastructure and public amenities for all. We believe that the country requires a real estate regulator. This will help in making the sector more organized and customers and stakeholders to gain confidence in the industry.

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