Friday, January 18, 2013

Is Suzlon going to make it through?

Debts, forced recalls and Tanti’s inorganic dreams. Is Suzlon going to make it through? Asks Ratan Lal Bhagat

“Suzlon had a disastrous second quarter in the current fiscal, with a loss of Rs.3.4 billion in comparison to a profit of Rs. 2.6 billion during the same period last year. This was led by uneconomical operations resulting from dwindling backlogs, a 61% y-o-y fall in wind turbine generator sales volume and a rise in interest cost,” states Bharat Parekh, Research Analyst, DSP Merrill Lynch (India), highlighting the depleting financial condition and the reasons behind fall of the wind turbine giant.

Of course, the company has drawn various debt-clearing blueprints like the $400 million fund raising plan through the issuance of either ADRs or GDRs, but there is time before optimism flows into the alternative energy field considering that the world is still waking up to the slowdown phenomenon. On the face of it, the lack of availability of project financing has made living difficult for Suzlon, as Parekh agreeingly states, “With no recovery in sight, Suzlon is trying to fix its debt repayment obligation by refinancing $2.4 billion (68%) of its debt with a two-year moratorium.”

The investors on the other hand are bearing the brunt of the moment, with share price of Suzlon having dropped by 45% in just the past five months, to touch Rs.67.70 as on November 11, 2009. According to market experts, Suzlon’s stock has lost most of its long-term investors who sold-off their stock holdings months back. Worse, it is also losing the trust of its short-term investors. It is but natural that an investor will play the waiting game for evidence of a solid before he/she decides to invest in the stock again. But going by how events are unfolding, its financials are not likely to improve any time soon, and therefore, the demand for the stocks will remain slim, which therefore means no revival for the stock prices soon! Tribulations for Suzlon don’t end here. The player has been forced to recall 1,251 blades which belonged to its ‘top-of-the-line’ product category, after 179 of them developed cracks (about 6 meters from the root of the blade).

Source : IIPM Editorial, 2012.
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