Monday, July 30, 2012


The Furore over The Report on Illegal mining in Karnataka, compiled by Lokayukta Santosh Hegde has already compelled Chief Minister B. S. Yeddyurappa to step down from his post; there is more to come.

No option but to act

B&E: You have been under threat for doing your job sincerely. The SC ban will further irk miners. Do you see it as a threat?
U. V. Singh (UVS):
Why is there a threat to me? I have not done anything wrong. Even if there is a threat, I take it as a part and parcel of my life. The baseline is that if there is something wrong that you wish to rectify, there will be hundreds of troubles and hurdles in the way. You have to learn to be strong enough to cross all these hurdles.

B&E: The Lokayukta report has exposed the rot that runs deep into the system. What immediate steps would you recommend?
SC has intervened and mining is suspended for the time being in Bellary. We do hope that the new scheme of things will be in the form of reform. I am also part of the Central Empowerment Committee. Even after the CEC gets out of the scene, there should be some sort of independent monitoring committee. There should be some independent body with an eagle’s sight, so that all this does not repeat.

B&E: With the kind of effort that has gone into the compilation with this report, do you think it could trigger the impact the beginning of a more regulated environment for mining in the state ?
Definitely. There will certainly be more regulation now. There are more things that will emerge. Whosoever is there, will definitely take up the issue because things have now reached up to the SC. There is no option but to act.