Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Idiot Box!

The following points are the deciding criteria for selecting and short-listing the winning TVCs: Product positioning clarity; clinching benefit to the brand; presence of a power idea; visibility of brand personality; expectancy of communication; single-minded focus; reward to prospects; visually arresting and painstaking craftsmanship. Here’s a peek into our TVC verdict for the fortnight ending February 19, 2011!

1 . Tata Sky
Baseline: Isko laga dala toh cricket jhingalala
Agency: Ogilvy India

Description: The TVC opens on the cricket field where an extremely uninterested umpire is yawning when a bowler appeals for LBW. Instead of declaring the outcome, this umpire makes a call and asks ‘Babloo’ whether the batsman is out or not and then confirms in the affirmative because ‘Babloo’ said that the player is out. The frame then shifts to ’Babloo’ who’s watching cricket on Tata Sky. VO: Babloo cricket dekhta hai Tata Sky HD par. High definition clarity ke saath.

4Ps Take: As the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 takes centre-stage, Tata Sky is all geared to promote the HD experience of watching cricket big time. The company known for its ads crafted around a humorous theme has once hit the target bang on when it comes to clarity in terms of communication. Perfect timing to make the viewers get a heck of HD is how we look at it.

2. TVS Wego
Baseline: The new TVS Wego has body balance
Agency: BBH, India

Description: The TVC kicks off with two couples riding the TVS Wego scooters. The pillion riders (read ladies) in an attempt to compete, start by showing off their balancing skills and end up performing some awe-striking acrobatics. Just when the scooters stop at a traffic light, an old lady is shocked looking at their posture; her husband then tells her that it’s the new TVS Wego scooter with body balancing. VO: It’s true, the new TVS Wego has body balance.

4Ps Take: There are very few ads that score on communication as good as this one does. The USP (body balancing, which underlines the scooter’s handling capabilities) is highlighted really well. The creative succeeds in breaking away from monotony as every element has been supported with minute details. Great idea, smart execution, superb results!

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Source : IIPM Editorial, 2011.

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